Para Clientes de Computer Repair/For Computer Repair Clients

Favor de pasar al “About” page colocado al extremo derecho de la parte superior y ahi encontrara los los contactos de Computer Repair.

Please click on the about page at the right-most top of the page and there you will find Computer Repair’s contact info.

This is just a blog to keep track of things and myself.

Im a UNE student in the Electronics Engineering faculty.

Im doing a minor in Networking Engineering too just cause…

Right now Im having some difficulties with college, my life and stuff, but hope that soon enough ill get back on track AND go at my 1000%

Just Some thoughts

-Need to make chemistry website.

-Need to change all this ugly colors wordpress comes with.

-Need a new SLR.

-Need to do human interactions conceptual map.

-Need to add following blogs.

-Need to crack open the router.

-Need to make server in the other computer.

-Need to forgot…


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